Rules~You must read these and assure me that you have read them by posting a comment below.

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Rules~You must read these and assure me that you have read them by posting a comment below.

Post  Linkybear on Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:32 am

These rules apply to every person on this site. If anyone is to break ANY of these rules, thy will get a tally. Three tallies will initially ban you from this site. If you have been banned and you create a new account, that account will be banned as well.

No Godmodding. I cannot stress this enough. It irks me to the point of no return. Godmodding means in simple terms, Your character never recieves any injuries. They subconscioussly ignore all other posts and do whatever you want. It means your character can never die and he doesn't follow the rules of the rp. ANy godmodding will thenceforth give you a tally which is also another word for a warning or strike.

Any disobeying of me or the other admins will result in a strike as well.Like baseball, three strikes and you're out.

No sexual roleplaying.
No displayment of nude pictures or obsune photos.
No mature roleplaying. Disobeyment of this rule will immediately result in a permanent ban.

No harsh language. Mild cussing is allowed. D**n, H3ll, sh!t,@$$ these are allowed. You may use the original words but I would prefer them coded like this. There may be younger members on this site so please do be curtious to them as well.

Don't give out your personal info to anyone on this site. In case anyone asks for your info, contact me and I will be on the case.

New rules may be added if necessary. If added, I will place them in bold print. Please follow these rules. I don't take enjoyment from bannishing anyone.

Yours Truly, Linkybear

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