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Cantarella Phantom

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In the time of the immortal day,where demons and beings roamed the land of Hylaya, a war separated those living in peace within its depths. But this war also separated lost loves. Princes and Princesses across the lands were forced away from each other. Their love became null and void, killed by the moves. When it was seen that royalty was falling for non royalty it became forbidden for those out of royalty to love those of non royalty. But one boy, a Vampire from a High Vampire Family, went against all odds just to try and be with a princess. Everything said they couldn't be together. But he just couldn't force himself to go by it, the Princess Holly was just too sweet and beautiful to ignore. But with the laws now firmly in place, how could he show the princess he truly loved her? He finally dressed like a phantom almost, managing to take blue roses with him when he went. The first visit was in the princess' room when the Princess was asleep, almost like a baby. He held her in his arms before letting her down, and she woke up. Too shocked to make a sound she pulled her covers up around her nightgown, a feeble attempt to protect herself. He stepped back and opened his hand. White petals blew around the room, causing her to look away. When she looked back he was gone and all that was left behind were the white petals and a beautiful blue rose...This happened at least twice a week, these visits. They were random as well, but She always ended up with a blue rose. She called her visitor the 'Phantom' and not long had it taken her to fall for him. She wanted to know who he was, hear his voice, be able to touch him. She didn't care whether or not her Phantom was non-royalty behind his mask... She just wanted him. Plain and simple. Though around her family she kept it a close guarded secret... Things went on like this, almost peaceful in her country... A Prince however has his eyes on Holly, the fairest Princess in all the land. This Prince is not for the Peace either. He's the one who made the war. He's the lead cause of the destruction. He wants to own everything, take over, get more power. Once he gets the princess he'll have all he wants, and he'll be able to destroy everything in his way. Not only will he have the most beautiful queen, but the whole land under his control... A rumor has finally reached to the princess and she is now scared and desperate. She relies on her silent Phantom's visits to just sweep her from it all. She dies to know who he is, she dies to have contact with him, to touch him and talk to him... But he always leaves so early... How can the princess' family keep up their rule with a distressed Princess? Who will manage to get the princess? Will the war ever end?

All PP Rules apply
I am the Knight/Phantom
This is based off of Vocaloid Canteralla

Sign Up Sheet~
Human Appearance:
Species Appearance:

Name:Ryalas Cantarella
Age: 18
Gender: male
Species: Vampire
Human Appearance:
Species Appearance:
Bio: Ryalas is the heir of the Cantarella Royalty.This means he is the second in comand of the Cantarella Vampiric family.When he was younger,He fell in love with the Princess and wanted a way to show her he loved her.But he couldn't go as he was.He was too afraid.And then the new laws were handed out and given out across the world.He didn't know what to do.So he waited until recently to do anything about it.About two weeks ago,He came up with a phantom idea and began visiting Holly every night.He longs to tell her who he is but with the night laws,How can he?
Love/Crush:Princess ?

Name:Valentine Kokoro
Human Appearance:
Species Appearance:
Bio:Valentine has always been a top vampire in his villiage.He usually gets all the attention and no one will leave him alone.But he hates all the attention.He wants to be left alone for a while.He just wants silence.And the only usual way he can get that is by going out to the lake at night where he can peacefully stare at the stars.He can usually calm any soul with the gentle melody of a flute he has.

Name:Prince Alimond
Human Appearance:
Species Appearance:N/A
Bio:Alimond grew up receiving every little thing he asked for.He never stopped getting what he wanted so eventually,it grew on him.He kept expecting everyone to hand him everything he wanted on a silver platter.But life is not all he thinks it is cracked up to be.He believes that money buys power.And The more power,the better.He hopes to take power of the princess' kingdom by marrying her.But she keeps refusing.So he takes his frustrations out on his Female servant.IN SHORT,HE IS THE DARK PRINCE IN THE BIO
Love/Crush:Who could possibly love him???

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